Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
Love Finds A Way (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)
Question Of Love (Country Pop, Country-Alternative,Folk)
Please Stay Here With Me (Glenn Conway's Song) (Folk/CCM)
Shelter In Your Lovin' Arms (Folk Prod. - Christmas/Holiday)
Flying On Back To L.A.X. (Rock - Alternative, Pop - Adult Cont.)
Best Of Your Love (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Country Pop)
Soulful (R&B/Adult Pop)
If I Asked (Country- Contemporary, Pop)
Home At Christmas (Christmas - Holiday)
The Accomplished Songwriter has scored Motion Picture and TV placements at CBS, Showtime, BBC, ABC, AMC, NBC, MTV, Lifetime, Discovery TV, Direct TV, Sony Pictures, VH1, early Time Warner, TruTV, Netflix, CMT and Turner Broadcasting. The "Walking Dead TV Series on AMC license music for the current season! Other TV credits include the "The Affair", winner of a "Golden Globe" for best Drama Series, "Witches Of East End" at Lifetime, "The Secret Lives of Women" on ABC TV News & "Summer Of Music" at MTV.

Major Films include licensing "Travelin' Jack" in the "The Big Wedding" with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams! E-One Entertainment's "The Demented" (Producer of "Nightmare On Elm Street") license "Brass". The French Major Motion Picture (2016) "Still Happy"(Encore Heureux)" licensed "Sad Christmas" and "The Pickle Recipe" (Disney & ABC) uses "End Of The Road" and will be released on DVD soon!
"Love Is Love" is a tribute to the people I love.
The new CD is Pop (Adult Contemporary/Light Rock / Folk/ Jazz Blues/ - Easy Listening

The artwork says it all. Love who you love without anyone's judgement and do it with all your soul. The CD is a tribute to Matt, my son. He is fiercely proud of who he is and what his community stan...more