Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
Love Finds A Way (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)
Love And The Leaving (Rock - Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative)
Flying On Back To L.A.X. (Rock - Alternative, Pop - Adult Cont.)
Shelter In Your Lovin' Arms (Folk Prod. - Christmas/Holiday)
Question Of Love (Pop, Adult Contemporary)
Conquer My Heart (Adult Pop)
Best Of Your Love (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Country Pop)
Please Stay Here With Me (Glenn Conway's Song) (Folk/CCM)
Ballad Of The Lone Musician (Alt Country/Folk Pop)

The Accomplished Songwriter has scored Film/Major Motion Picture and multiple TV placements including a "Golden Globe" award winning show. The Emmy Award and People's Choice Award winner, "The Walking Dead" TV Series on AMC license 2 pieces of music for the "Behind The Dead" 2018 season! Other licensed music appears on Sony Pictures, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime, MTV, BBC and Netflix.

TV credits include from 'CBS & SHOWTIME' "The Affair", the 2015 "Golden Globe" winner for best TV Dramatic Show. Others include the "Witches Of East End" (Lifetime Channel) & the "Secret Lives of Women" at ABC TV.

Major Motion Pictures music licensing include "The Big Wedding" with Robert DeNiro, Amanda Seyfried and Robin Williams! E-One Entertainment's "The Demented" (Producer of "Nightmare On Elm Street") license "Brass". The UK Film "After The Harvest 2" license "Following Lincoln" and will be out soon!
New CD "My Songs" & "And On That Note" released May 2019!
2 New pieces of overall work out on all digital platforms! New CD "My Songs" & "And On That Note"just released in May 2019. "My Songs" is a Vocal compilation and "And On That Note" is an Instrumental release. ...more