Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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From Paris With Love

Folk, Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Cinematic and Blues Instrumentals

1 A Walk In Paris (Jazz Piano)  
2 Crazy Fingers Chicago Blues Piano (Blues Electric)  
3 Bossa Nove Production 1 (Bossa Nova Jazz)  
4 Boston To San Diego (Folk Pop Instrumental)  
5 ORCHESTRALSCAPE 1 (Cinematic Production)  
6 Dance Electronica New York Style (Electronic-Production Elec)  
7 Simple Song Of Thanks (Acoustic Pop/Easy Listening)  
8 Pop Jazz Blues Production 1 (Jazz-Jazz Pop/Light Jazz)  
9 Quiet New Year's For One (Production-Pop, Easy Listening)  
10 Christmas Wishes (Production-Christmas/Holiday, Jazz)  
11 Elegant Piano (Classical Pop)  
12 Cajun Zydeco Production 1 (Delta Blues Instrumental)  
13 Mississippi Rolling Blues (Blues-Electric, Production-Pop Blues)  
14 Cinematic Chicago Jazz Scape 1 (Jazz Pop/Light Jazz)  
15 Kansas City to St Louis Liquor Run (30 sec) (Prod-HumanDrama)  
16 Waltz Jazz 1(Waltz to Trumpet)  
17 Cinematic FOLK 2  
18 Jazz 7th Floor (Lite Jazz Cinematic)