Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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Good Day In July!

A blend of Female and Male Vocals covering Pop, Rock, Folk, R&B, Country and anything else!

Contains "Carter's Revenge" & "Train Trak Guitar" that are licensed to MTV TV Cable networks in upcoming Film/TV opportunities.

In buying this I've included 7 cuts from "Where I Want To Be" in a Special CD offering!!

1 East Of Eden West Of Hell (Hard Rock)  
2 Following Lincoln (Jazz Blues)  
3 Don't Let Me Go (Country-Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
4 Shoes Of a Fisherman (Maritime Folk, East Coast)  
5 Love And The Leaving (Rock - Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative)  
6 Not Finished Loving You (Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative)  
7 Bar Of Lost Souls (Americana)  
8 Sun Is Gonna Shine (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
9 Train Track Guitar (Instrumental)  
10 If You Have The Time (Folk, Country - Alternative-Pop)  
11 Alley Way Brass (Blues/Jazz Instrumental Bed)  
12 A Taste Of Blue Ivory (Blues Piano Instrumental Bed TV/Film)  
13 More Sax On My Mind (Sax Instrumental Bed for TV/Film)  
14 Something Inside Of Me (Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop)  
15 Northern Dance (Smooth Piano Jazz Instrumental)  
16 Song For Baylee Almon (Blues Piano Instrumental)  
17 Ole' Ghosts (Country Instrumental)  
18 Z - 2 (Rock Instrumental)  
19 Carter's Revenge (Hard Rock Instrumental)  
20 Valentine's Day Remorse (Blues Electric/Jazz)  
21 Song For Emma (Country Rock Instru)