Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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American Ghost

More Cowboy & Horse Stories with the right measure of Love Ballads! Instrumental work is here as well! This is the best collection of songs on one project yet!
CD is not for sale but songs can be purchased here on an individual basis.

1 America's Eagle (A Soldier's Tale) (Country - Alternative, Folk)  
2 Brother's (Shane's Song) (Folk Rock)  
3 Hard Luck (Pop Cont. Blues Instru)  
4 Steely Jazz (Classic Rock Instru)  
5 Live For Today (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
6 Something Inside Of Me (Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop)  
7 American Ghost (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
8 Will You Still Love Me? (Folk, Pop-Alternative)  
9 Dancin' Shoes (Rock - Roots Rock, Country - Alternative)  
10 Gold Sky (60's Surf Instru)  
11 Our Eagle Above (Jazz Instru)  
12 Crystal (Latin\Jazz Instru)  
13 Distant Thunder (Folk Western)  
14 Lone Cowboy (Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop)