Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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History Vol#1

The Best Vocal Songs as determined by A\R people!

1 All The Way (Alternative Country, Folk)  
2 Distant Thunder (Folk Western)  
3 The Last Great Cowboy (Americana)  
4 Good Times In The Badlands (Country - Alternative, Folk)  
5 America's Eagle (A Soldier's Tale) (Country - Alternative, Folk)  
6 Memories Of You (Adult Contempoary)  
7 Stay With Me (Christian-Contemporary, Folk)  
8 Dancin' Shoes (Rock - Roots Rock, Country - Alternative)  
9 The Night Steals Another Heart (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Folk  
10 Brother's (Shane's Song) (Folk Rock)  
11 Windsail (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Folk)  
12 My Angel (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
13 Won't You Love Me Too ? (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
14 Something Inside Of Me (Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop)  
15 2 PLUS 2 (Easy Listening, Folk Pop)