Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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These Two Hands

Diverse group of Rock, Alt./Cont. & Traditional Country, Folk, Jazz ,R&B & Whatever else! CD not for general sale but songs may be purchased individually here!

1 Good Ole' Day's (Rock)  
2 And Can You? (Jazz Piano/Pop)  
3 All Because Of You (Country-Classic, Country-Traditional))  
4 LaSalle Street (Old Chicago Blues Instrumental)  
5 Don't You Know ? (Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
6 Jesus Boogie (Did You Hear What They Did To Him?)  
7 Darling, Have I Not Done This Well? (Country- Classic)  
8 Racing Back Through Time (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
9 Johnny, Drop That Gun (Rock)  
10 Riding A Rainbow (Pop/Country)  
11 Cherokee (Americana-Folk,Country)  
12 Lone Cowboy (Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop)  
13 Never Leave Us Behind (Female Alt. Country)  
14 End Of The Road (Slow Chicago Blues Instru)