Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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Premier Instrumentals - Best of - Vol:1

Best Instrumental Tunes .....Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Country, Pop .....You can buy at CDBaby and this CD is combined with "Instumentals In The KEY Of "C"" for 37 total songs!

1 Other Side Of Memphis (Country Blues Instru)  
2 TradeWinds (Smooth Jazz Instru)  
3 Bright Lite City Nites (Crazy Jazz Instru)  
4 SanGraal (Latin Jazz Instru)  
5 Costa Calida (Bossa Nova Instru)  
6 Red Country (Production-Americana/Western)  
7 The Three Sisters (Jazz- Jazz Pop, Light Jazz )  
8 Soft Wings (Latin\Jazz\New Age Instru)  
9 Crystal (Latin\Jazz Instru)  
10 Gold Sky (60's Surf Instru)  
11 Dusty Roads (Country Rock Instru)  
12 Erik's Song (New Age, Production-SoundTrack Alternatives)  
13 Blue Mountain (Production-Americana/Western, Waltz)  
14 Hard Luck (Pop Cont. Blues Instru)  
15 Steely Jazz (Classic Rock Instru)  
16 Ageless (Pop Blues Instr)  
17 Little Boy (Production-Soundtrack Alternatives, Easy Listening)