Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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Let The Music Play!

Multi Genre songs including Electronica and Reggae this time. Pop, Rock, Country, Americana, Blues, Jazz and Holiday music all here!

1 Finally A Guitar (60 Sec Guitar Instrumental)  
2 If I Asked (Country- Contemporary, Pop)  
3 Love Finds A Way (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
4 Gone Baby Gone (Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz)  
5 Love In The Wild (Country-Contemporary/Pop)  
6 Remember When (Pop Instru)  
7 Why Don't You? (Pop - Adult ContemporaryJazz)  
8 Jesus Playa A Guitar (60 sec Guitar Instrumental)  
9 Just Another Guitar (60 sec Acoustic Guitar)  
10 Endless Guitar Theme (60 sec Acoustic guitar)  
11 Northern Nights (60 Second Edit Instrumental Bed)  
12 Time 4U (Electronica)  
13 One That You Are (Guitar Instrumental)  
14 Cayman Island Shuffle (60 Sec Edit) (Reggae-Carribean)  
15 House On A Hill (R&B 45 Sec)  
16 Blue Shades (Easy Listening Pop Instrumental)  
17 Cayman Island Shuffle (Rock-Production Rock,Reggae-Caribean)  
18 Chicago Again (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Prod.- Christmas/Holiday)  
19 New York Is Killing Me (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Cont.)  
20 Shelter In Your Lovin' Arms (Folk Prod. - Christmas/Holiday)  
21 Girl From Genoa (or Barcelona) (Pop-Adult Contemporary)  
22 Puma Punka Mystery (Production Pop, Pop-Production Pop)  
23 Tuscan Vinyards Walk (Acoustic Guitar)  
24 Alone On Valentines Day Again (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Folk)  
25 Guitar Medley 1 (Acoustic Guitar)  
26 Seasons Of My Love (Pop-Adult Contemporary) )  
27 Funky Castle (Casa Loma Edit) (R&B Soul)  
28 Mothers Special Day (Pop-Adult Contemporary)  
29 Guitar Americana 13 (Moms Special Day) (Guitar)  
30 Bottle's Bottom (Guitar Folk)  
31 Union (New Age Piano)