Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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The Red Album

A diverse array of Pop, Country, CCM , Rock and Folk compositions....Doesn't drift far from " Distant Thunder" or "Windsail" !!
CD is not for sale but songs can be purchased here on an individual basis.

1 Like Valentine's Day (Production - Holiday, Valentines Day Folk)  
2 Livin' InThe Time (Rock\Pop)  
3 Little Ole' Songwriter (Canadiana Folk)  
4 Slow Burn (Roots, Alt Country)  
5 Won't You Love Me Too ? (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
6 Never Knew You At All (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
7 Brass (Jazz Instru)  
8 Lovin' You Ain't Hard (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
9 Song For Emma (Country Rock Instru)  
10 Erik's Song (New Age, Production-SoundTrack Alternatives)  
11 Ageless (Pop Blues Instr)  
12 Crusin' With Grusin (New Orleans Blues-Delta)  
13 Memories Of You (Adult Contempoary)  
14 Desert Sun (Acoustic Southern Rock)  
15 Too Long (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
16 Our Eagle Above (Jazz Instru)  
17 Hard Luck (Pop Cont. Blues Instru)  
18 Golden Rays (New Age Instru)  
19 Soft Wings (Latin\Jazz\New Age Instru)