Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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Aurora Nites

An Easy listening Instrumental collection of Contemporary Blues, Modern Jazz , New Age, BossaNova, Latin Beat, M.O.R. and everything in between!
CD is not for sale but songs can be purchased here on an individual basis.

1 Gold Sky (60's Surf Instru)  
2 Shades Of Blue (Pop Instru)  
3 Remember When (Pop Instru)  
4 Baptism By Fire (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Prod-Soundtrack)  
5 Blue Mountain (Production-Americana/Western, Waltz)  
6 Crystal (Latin\Jazz Instru)  
7 Red Country (Production-Americana/Western)  
8 Costa Calida (Bossa Nova Instru)  
9 SkyBreaker (Country Instru)  
10 The Three Sisters (Jazz- Jazz Pop, Light Jazz )  
11 Alabama Rock (Southern Rock Instru)  
12 Moonshine Nights (Western Instru)  
13 SanGraal (Latin Jazz Instru)  
14 Dusty Roads (Country Rock Instru)