Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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Golden Rays

New Instrumental Work after "Late At Nite 2" !!
CD is not for sale but songs can be purchased here on an individual basis.

1 Golden Rays (New Age Instru)  
2 Gold Sky (60's Surf Instru)  
3 Majestic (R&B Instru)  
4 Casa Loma (R&B Instrumental)  
5 Warm Rain (R&B Instru)  
6 Wolf's River (Neo Classical)  
7 End Of The Road (Slow Chicago Blues Instru)  
8 JailBreak (Rock Instru)  
9 Fool's Gold (Country Instrumental)  
10 Today's The Day ( Rock Blues Instrumental)  
11 Little Texas Bar (Country Rock Instru)  
12 Crucify (R&B\CCM Instru)  
13 WindChimes (Neo Classical Piano)  
14 Blue Ivory (Blues Instru)  
15 Someday (Pop/Rock Instru)  
16 No Time (Blues Instru)  
17 TradeWinds (Smooth Jazz Instru)  
18 Song For Emma (Country Rock Instru)