Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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Live Love Rock

New CD now available!! LIVE LOVE ROCK!! Various Genre's of Music that is very much in the vein of "Good Day In July".....cover created by Noreen Dafoe! Also, "Travellin' Jack" is here and recently was licensed for TV/Film with the MTV Cable Networks!

1 Flying On Back To L.A.X. (Rock - Alternative, Pop - Adult Cont.)  
2 River Of Pain (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Country - Classic)  
3 Resume Of Love (Alt. Country)  
4 Like Water Under A Bridge (Adult Pop)  
5 Over The City (Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Music Bed)  
6 Oklahoma Running (Hard Rock Instrumental Bed)  
7 End Of That Whole Mess ( Rock)  
8 Your Day Of Reckoning (Adult Contemporary)  
9 Been The Only One (Folk, Pop - Adult Contemporary,Folk)  
10 Tin Pan Alley (Jazz Blues Instrumental)  
11 Mt. Shasta (Rock-Alternative Pop. Pop-Alternative Pop)  
12 Lost Boy Lost Girl At Christmas (Holiday, Country-Classic )  
13 Kentucky Guitar (Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Bed)  
14 Rich Man's Wife (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Pop - Adult Contem)  
15 Won't Be Hurt Again (Adult Contemporary)  
16 Travellin' Jack (Jazz - Bebop/Traditional  
17 Valentine's Day Remorse (Blues Electric/Jazz)