Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
KILLER TRAX (Vol 1) Instrumental's In The Key Of "C"

INSTRUMENTAL MUSINGS OF PIANO, GUITAR AND SAMPLERS IN THE GENRES OF POP, COUNTRY, JAZZ, LATIN, AMERICANA, BLUES, AND ROCK!.........Purchase at CDBaby and "Killer Trax" is combined with "Premier Instrumentals Vol. 1" for 37 total songs at an unbelievable price!!!!

1: Point Pleasant Park (Pop Instru)
2: Dancing Around The Cross (Pop)
3: First Dance (Pop Instru)
4: No Time (Blues Instru)
5: Blue Ivory (Blues Instru)
6: Someday (Pop/Rock Instru)
7: WindChimes (Neo Classical Piano)
8: Fool's Gold (Country Instrumental)
9: JailBreak (Rock Instru)
10: Casa Loma (R&B Instrumental)
11: LaSalle Street (Old Chicago Blues Instrumental)
12: The Three Sisters (Jazz- Jazz Pop, Light Jazz )
13: Bright Lite City Nites (Crazy Jazz Instru)
14: Serpo (R&B Instru)
15: Black Pearl (Blues-Acoustic,Chicago Blues)
16: Little Boy (Production-Soundtrack Alternatives, Easy Listening)
17: Old Oak Tree (Country Instru)