Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
Let The Music Play!

Multi Genre songs including Electronica and Reggae this time. Pop, Rock, Country, Americana, Blues, Jazz and Holiday music all here!

1: Finally A Guitar (60 Sec Guitar Instrumental)
2: If I Asked (Country- Contemporary, Pop)
3: Love Finds A Way (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)
4: Gone Baby Gone (Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz)
5: Love In The Wild (Country-Contemporary/Pop)
6: Remember When (Pop Instru)
7: Why Don't You? (Pop - Adult ContemporaryJazz)
8: Jesus Playa A Guitar (60 sec Guitar Instrumental)
9: Just Another Guitar (60 sec Acoustic Guitar)
10: Endless Guitar Theme (60 sec Acoustic guitar)
11: Northern Nights (60 Second Edit Instrumental Bed)
12: Time 4U (Electronica)
13: One That You Are (Guitar Instrumental)
14: Cayman Island Shuffle (60 Sec Edit) (Reggae-Carribean)
15: House On A Hill (R&B 45 Sec)
16: Blue Shades (Easy Listening Pop Instrumental)
17: Cayman Island Shuffle (Rock-Production Rock,Reggae-Caribean)
18: Chicago Again (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Prod.- Christmas/Holiday)
19: New York Is Killing Me (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Cont.)
20: Shelter In Your Lovin' Arms (Folk Prod. - Christmas/Holiday)
21: Girl From Genoa (or Barcelona) (Pop-Adult Contemporary)
22: Puma Punka Mystery (Production Pop, Pop-Production Pop)
23: Tuscan Vinyards Walk (Acoustic Guitar)
24: Alone On Valentines Day Again (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Folk)
25: Guitar Medley 1 (Acoustic Guitar)
26: Seasons Of My Love (Pop-Adult Contemporary) )
27: Funky Castle (Casa Loma Edit) (R&B Soul)
28: Mothers Special Day (Pop-Adult Contemporary)
29: Guitar Americana 13 (Moms Special Day) (Guitar)
30: Bottle's Bottom (Guitar Folk)
31: Union (New Age Piano)