Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
You Are The One

An easy listening combo of Folk, Rock, Country Rock and Pop that follows the path of "Windsail" and "Distant Thunder"....but also contains Instrumental Work and even a Christmas song!!
CD is not for sale but songs can be purchased here on an individual basis.

1: Home For The Holidays (Christmas)
2: Won't You Love Me Too? (Pop/Rock)
3: Too Long (Folk, Country - Alternative)
4: You Are The One (Gospel/Religious, Folk,CCM)
5: Endless Time Now (Folk, Country-Alternative)
6: Lovin' You Ain't Hard (Folk, Country - Alternative)
7: All The Way (Alternative Country, Folk)
8: Memories Of You (Adult Contempoary)
9: Prologue (Last Great Cowboy)
10: The Last Great Cowboy (Americana)
11: Wyoming Plains (Folk Guitar Instru)