Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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More History Vol. # 2

More Hot Picks by A/R people! This is Vol # 2 of "Best Of Songs"

1 Storm Of Days (Roots/Contemporary Blues)  
2 Just Another Day (Americana Folk)  
3 Jesse James (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
4 The Wind Roars On (Folk Pop)  
5 Seeing Through His Pain (Rock - Roots Rock, Country - Alternati)  
6 Tommy (R&B Vocal)  
7 Black Ghost (Country-Contemporary Pop/Acoustic Roots)  
8 Play Some Country (Country - Contemporary/Pop Roots Rock,Rock)  
9 If I Asked (Country- Contemporary, Pop)  
10 You Are The One (Gospel/Religious, Folk,CCM)  
11 Endless Time Now (Folk, Country-Alternative)  
12 Don't You Know ? (Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
13 Jesus! (Gospel/Religious, Folk)  
14 Riding A Rainbow (Pop/Country)  
15 Desert Sun (Acoustic Southern Rock)  
16 Will You Still Love Me? (Folk, Pop-Alternative)  
17 Live For Today (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
18 Johnny, Drop That Gun (Rock)  
19 Finally See The Lite (Folk, Country - Alternative)