Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
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History (More!!).... VOL # 3

The Best Of the Songwriting Talent of
Steve Dafoe....includes Rock, Folk, Jazz
Country, Americana and R&B!!!!! (Yes...JAZZ!!!)

1 When The Nite Comes (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Folk)  
2 South Carolina Way (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
3 Sun Is Gonna Shine (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
4 The River (Rock)  
5 Play Some Country (Country - Contemporary/Pop Roots Rock,Rock)  
6 Good Ole' Day's (Rock)  
7 Jesus Boogie (Did You Hear What They Did To Him?)  
8 For All The Things To Come (Country Folk)  
9 All Alone (Patriotic Roots Rock)  
10 Riding A Rainbow (Pop/Country)  
11 Home For The Holidays (Christmas)  
12 Don't You Know ? (Pop - Adult Contemporary)  
13 All Because Of You (Country-Classic, Country-Traditional))  
14 Settlin' Down (Folk, Country - Alternative)  
15 End Of The Road (Slow Chicago Blues Instru)  
16 Ghost Whispers Over Ellis Island (Folk Rock)  
17 Darling, Have I Not Done This Well? (Country- Classic)  
18 LaSalle Street (Old Chicago Blues Instrumental)  
19 L.A. Nites (Pop,Contemporary Folk)  
20 Train Track Guitar (Instrumental)  
21 Song For Baylee Almon (Blues Piano Instrumental)  
22 Cherokee (Americana-Folk,Country)  
23 Back As An Eagle (Ode To John D.) (Folk, Country-Contemporary)