Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
Love Finds A Way (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary) Love And The Leaving (Rock - Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative)
Flying On Back To L.A.X. (Rock - Alternative, Pop - Adult Cont.) Shelter In Your Lovin' Arms (Folk Prod. - Christmas/Holiday)
Question Of Love (Pop, Adult Contemporary) Conquer My Heart (Adult Pop)
Best Of Your Love (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Country Pop) Please Stay Here With Me (Glenn Conway's Song) (Folk/CCM)
Ballad Of The Lone Musician (Alt Country/Folk Pop) Soulful (R&B/Adult Pop)
If I Asked (Country- Contemporary, Pop) Home At Christmas (Christmas - Holiday)
Shannon Kenny's Beachdance On Any Given L.A. Night (Pop - Adult Contemporary)
The Road Back To Home (Country- Contemporary) No One Loves Me Like U Do
Troubles I've Been (Recovery Song) And One Day
Stay, It'll Be Alright (Alternative Pop) Wishing I Was Home (Folk Pop)
Progression(Electronic New Age Cinematic) A Walk In Paris (Jazz Piano)
The Heart Is In Cape Breton (Maritime Folk) Been The Only One (Folk, Pop - Adult Contemporary,Folk)
Crazy Fingers Chicago Blues Piano (Blues Electric) Ambient Jazz Pop Cinematic Piece 1 (Jazz-Bebop/Traditional)
California Birthday Blues (Blues-Acoustic, Jazz-Bebop/Trad.) Racing Reindeer In The Snow (Production-Holiday/Christmas, Rock)
And Can You? (Jazz Piano/Pop) Will You Still Love Me? (Folk, Pop-Alternative)
Best Day (Country-Contemporary/Pop, Pop-Adult Contemporary) Won't Be Hurt Again (Adult Contemporary)
If You Have The Time (Folk, Country - Alternative-Pop) LA New Years Blues (Blues Acoustic)
Birthday Rock in N.Y. (Hard Rock Instrumental) Gone Baby Gone (Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz)
Lounge Ballroom Garden Wedding Jazz Medley The Night Steals Another Heart (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Folk
Why Don't You? (Pop - Adult ContemporaryJazz) Mt. Shasta (Rock-Alternative Pop. Pop-Alternative Pop)
Chicago Again (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Prod.- Christmas/Holiday) Love In The Wild (Country-Contemporary/Pop)
Carter's Revenge (Hard Rock Instrumental) Guitar Americana 13 (Moms Special Day) (Guitar)
Mothers Special Day (Pop-Adult Contemporary) Wedding Day (Jazz, Bebop/Traditional)
Gathering Storm (Adult Pop/Alt Country) Seasons Of My Love (Pop-Adult Contemporary) )
Two Moons (Jazz - Latin, Latin - Latin - Jazz) Red Sun (Easy Listening-Country)
Jack Travels (Jazz - Bebop/Traditional) Virginia Country Lane (Country Instruental)
New Orleans Cajun (Louisiana Blues) Mardi Gras Jazz Piece (Dixieland New Orleans)
South Dakota Back Roads (country-Alternative Instrumental) Funky Castle (Casa Loma Edit) (R&B Soul)
Railroad Steel Guitar (Acoustic Guitar) Stormy Swamp Guitar (Acoustic Guitar)
Guitar Medley 1 (Acoustic Guitar) Tuscan Vinyards Walk (Acoustic Guitar)
Alone On Valentines Day Again (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Folk) Puma Punka Mystery (Production Pop, Pop-Production Pop)
New York Is Killing Me (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Cont.) Girl From Genoa (or Barcelona) (Pop-Adult Contemporary)
One That You Are (Guitar Instrumental) Bottle's Bottom (Guitar Folk)
Cayman Island Shuffle (Rock-Production Rock,Reggae-Caribean) Blue Shades (Easy Listening Pop Instrumental)
House On A Hill (R&B 45 Sec) Left Stage Exit (R&B Instrumental)
Appalachian Mountains (Country Rock) Amor In English (Latin - Jazz Instrumental)
Time 4U (Electronica) Just Another Guitar (60 sec Acoustic Guitar)
Endless Guitar Theme (60 sec Acoustic guitar) Jesus Playa A Guitar (60 sec Guitar Instrumental)
Finally A Guitar (60 Sec Guitar Instrumental) Rich Man's Wife (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Pop - Adult Contem)
Kentucky Guitar (Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Bed) Taking Back The Nite (30 Second Instrumental Bed)
Northern Nights (60 Second Edit Instrumental Bed) Taking Back My Life (60 Second Edit Instrumental Bed)
Over The City (Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Music Bed) Oklahoma Running (Hard Rock Instrumental Bed)
Thunder And Clouds (Instrumental TV Bed) Northern Nights (Folk Country Instrumental)
Taking Back My Life (Rock instrumental) End Of That Whole Mess ( Rock)
Grandma Said Merry Christmas (Holiday) Lost Boy Lost Girl At Christmas (Holiday, Country-Classic )
Flagpole By The Apple Tree (AC Instrumental) Like Water Under A Bridge (Adult Pop)
Your Day Of Reckoning (Adult Contemporary) Resume Of Love (Alt. Country)
Travellin' Jack (Jazz - Bebop/Traditional A Taste Of Blue Ivory (Blues Piano Instrumental Bed TV/Film)
Alley Way Brass (Blues/Jazz Instrumental Bed) River Of Pain (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Country - Classic)
Tin Pan Alley (Jazz Blues Instrumental) Slow Cajun Piano Blues
More Sax On My Mind (Sax Instrumental Bed for TV/Film) Every Street (Crazy Jazz Instrumental Bed)
Sax On My Mind (Instrumental Bed TV/Film) Shoes Of a Fisherman (Maritime Folk, East Coast)
East Of Eden West Of Hell (Hard Rock) Valentine's Day Remorse (Blues Electric/Jazz)
Cape Smokey (New Age) Sable Island (Acoustic Piano)
Following Lincoln (Jazz Blues) Train Track Guitar (Instrumental)
Not Finished Loving You (Alternative Pop, Pop - Alternative) Northern Dance (Smooth Piano Jazz Instrumental)
Don't Let Me Go (Country-Pop - Adult Contemporary) Bar Of Lost Souls (Americana)
Please Baby Just Stay Awhile (Pop-Adult Contemporary) Yellow Quill (Pop)
Song For Baylee Almon (Blues Piano Instrumental) Ole' Ghosts (Country Instrumental)
Sun Is Gonna Shine (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary) South Carolina Way (Easy Listening, Pop - Adult Contemporary)
Z - 2 (Rock Instrumental) Black Pearl (Blues-Acoustic,Chicago Blues)
LaSalle Street (Old Chicago Blues Instrumental) Through To You (Alt. Country/Crossover)
Point Pleasant Park (Pop Instru) Good Ole' Day's (Rock)
Old Oak Tree (Country Instru) Leaving It All Behind (Alt./Cont.Country)
The River (Rock) Dancing Around The Cross (Pop)
All Because Of You (Country-Classic, Country-Traditional)) First Dance (Pop Instru)
For All The Things To Come (Country Folk) No Time (Blues Instru)
Someday (Pop/Rock Instru) Blue Ivory (Blues Instru)
Cherokee (Americana-Folk,Country) Jesus Boogie (Did You Hear What They Did To Him?)
Still Waiting For The Good Ole' Days (Folk-Rural) WindChimes (Neo Classical Piano)
Little Texas Bar (Country Rock Instru) Today's The Day ( Rock Blues Instrumental)
Fool's Gold (Country Instrumental) End Of The Road (Slow Chicago Blues Instru)
Darling, Have I Not Done This Well? (Country- Classic) JailBreak (Rock Instru)
Wolf's River (Neo Classical) Don't You Know ? (Pop - Adult Contemporary)
Riding A Rainbow (Pop/Country) Warm Rain (R&B Instru)
Majestic (R&B Instru) Casa Loma (R&B Instrumental)
Johnny, Drop That Gun (Rock) The Wind Roars On (Folk Pop)
Crucify (R&B\CCM Instru) Ghost Whispers Over Ellis Island (Folk Rock)
Seeing Through His Pain (Rock - Roots Rock, Country - Alternati) Black Ghost (Country-Contemporary Pop/Acoustic Roots)
Tommy (R&B Vocal) Appalachian (Country Blues\Rock Instr)
CenterStage (R&B, Production-Underscores) Jesus! (Gospel/Religious, Folk)
Serpo (R&B Instru) Smooth (R&B Instru)
Never Leave Us Behind (Female Alt. Country) TayDay (R&B Instru)
All Alone (Patriotic Roots Rock) Call Me (Country-Classic, Folk Roots)
Amor (Latin Instru) Racing Back Through Time (Folk, Country - Alternative)
Play Some Country (Country - Contemporary/Pop Roots Rock,Rock) Jesse James (Folk, Country - Alternative)
Other Side Of Memphis (Country Blues Instru) TradeWinds (Smooth Jazz Instru)
Bright Lite City Nites (Crazy Jazz Instru) SanGraal (Latin Jazz Instru)
Moonshine Nights (Western Instru) Storm Of Days (Roots/Contemporary Blues)
Alabama Rock (Southern Rock Instru) Just Another Day (Americana Folk)
The Three Sisters (Jazz- Jazz Pop, Light Jazz ) SkyBreaker (Country Instru)
Settlin' Down (Folk, Country - Alternative) Quiet Times (Folk)
Costa Calida (Bossa Nova Instru) Lone Cowboy (Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop)
Red Country (Production-Americana/Western) Hold On (Folk Rock)
Blue Mountain (Production-Americana/Western, Waltz) Back As An Eagle (Ode To John D.) (Folk, Country-Contemporary)
Our Eagle Above (Jazz Instru) Steely Jazz (Classic Rock Instru)
Ageless (Pop Blues Instr) Brass (Jazz Instru)
Brother's (Shane's Song) (Folk Rock) Finally See The Lite (Folk, Country - Alternative)
America's Eagle (A Soldier's Tale) (Country - Alternative, Folk) Hard Luck (Pop Cont. Blues Instru)
New Worlds (New Age, Neo-Classical) Live For Today (Folk, Country - Alternative)
Song For Emma (Country Rock Instru) Crusin' With Grusin (New Orleans Blues-Delta)
Erik's Song (New Age, Production-SoundTrack Alternatives) Something Inside Of Me (Folk, Country - Alternative, Pop)
Golden Rays (New Age Instru) American Ghost (Folk, Country - Alternative)
Gold Sky (60's Surf Instru) Shades Of Blue (Pop Instru)
Remember When (Pop Instru) Dusty Roads (Country Rock Instru)
Baptism By Fire (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Prod-Soundtrack) Dusk (Classic Rock Instru)
The Devil's Hand (Rock Instru) Go Away (Classic Rock Instru)
Soft Wings (Latin\Jazz\New Age Instru) Hwy 587 (Classic Rock Trad. Blues Instru)
Crystal (Latin\Jazz Instru) JazzClub (Dixieland Jazz Instru)
Never Knew You At All (Folk, Country - Alternative) Nonie's Song (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Prod-Soundtrack)
Melissa's Song (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Prod-Soundtrack) Won't You Love Me Too ? (Folk, Country - Alternative)
Prologue (Last Great Cowboy) Matthew's Song (Pop - Adult Contemporary, Prod-Soundtrack)
Slow Burn (Roots, Alt Country) Wyoming Plains (Folk Guitar Instru)
My Angel (Folk, Country - Alternative) Little Ole' Songwriter (Canadiana Folk)
A Holiday Wish (Christmas Instru) Tryin' To Make A Dime (Rock Instru)
Holiday Time (Production - Christmas/Holiday, Folk) Livin' InThe Time (Rock\Pop)
Blending Of The Ages (Folk, Country - Alternative) Livin' In The Time (Roots Rock, Alternative Country)
The Last Great Cowboy (Americana) Home For The Holidays (Christmas)
Distant Thunder (Folk Western) Won't You Love Me Too? (Pop/Rock)
All The Way (Alternative Country, Folk) Memories Of You (Adult Contempoary)
Lovin' You Ain't Hard (Folk, Country - Alternative) The Children (Folk)
Long Long Time (Folk, Country - Alternative) 2 PLUS 2 (Easy Listening, Folk Pop)
Won't You Stay (Americana) L.A. Nites (Pop,Contemporary Folk)
Desert Sun (Acoustic Southern Rock) Crusin' The Blues (Americana)
Windsail (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Folk) Dancin' Shoes (Rock - Roots Rock, Country - Alternative)
Like Valentine's Day (Production - Holiday, Valentines Day Folk) Endless Time Now (Folk, Country-Alternative)
Little Boy (Production-Soundtrack Alternatives, Easy Listening) You Are The One (Gospel/Religious, Folk,CCM)
Too Long (Folk, Country - Alternative) Blackhills and The Badlands (Instru)
Good Times In The Badlands (Country - Alternative, Folk) The Gallop (Instru)
When The Nite Comes (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Folk) Autumn Comes (Folk Guitar Instru)
Stay With Me (Christian-Contemporary, Folk) While They Sleep (Folk Guitar Instru)
Dance Pop One (30 Sec) (Production-Electronica, Electronica) Wedding Morning (Jazz Bebop/Traditional)
Dueling Pianos (Acoustic Piano Pop) Invisible Love (Pop Jazz)
Dueling Pianos (30 Sec Edit) Union (60 Sec Edit) (Soundtracks)
Dance Pop One (Production-Electronica, Electronica) Union (New Age Piano)
Timberline Wolf Pack (Production-Human/Drama/Emotions, New Age) 2 Moons (60 Edit Jazz - Latin, Latin - Latin - Jazz)
Slowest Piano Blues (Soundtrack Piano Piece) Time 4U (30 Sec Edit Electronica)
Two Moons (30 Sec Jazz - Latin, Latin - Latin - Jazz) Garden Party Lounge Piano (30) (Jazz-Jazz Pop/Light Jazz)
Garden Party Lounge Piano (60) (Jazz-Jazz Pop/Light Jazz) Garden Party Lounge Piano (Jazz-Jazz Pop/Light Jazz
Happy Birthday Again In NY (Adult Pop/Alt Country) Arctic Cold (Pop-Production Pop, Production-Pop)
Birthday Rock in NY (60 sec) Arctic Cold (60 Sec) (Production Pop, Pop-Production Pop)
Kansas City to St Louis Liquor Run (Prod-NumanDrama,Emotions) Arctic Cold (30 sec) (Production Pop, Pop)
Kansas City to St Louis Liquor Run (30 sec) (Prod-HumanDrama) A Road Home (Pop-Adult Contemporary, Folk)
Kansas City to St Louis Liquor Run (60) (Prod-HumanDrama) Boston To San Diego (60 Sec)
Boston To San DIego (30 Sec) Western Campfire Country Americana medley
Soulful Feeling (R&B, Adult Pop) Boston To San Diego (Folk Pop Instrumental)
Simple Song Of Thanks (30 Sec) (Acoustic Pop/Easy Listening) Simple Song Of Thanks (Acoustic Pop/Easy Listening)
Christmas Wishes (60 sec edit) Simple Song Of Thanks (60 Sec) (Acoustic Pop/Easy Listening)
Dance Electronica New York Style (Electronic-Production Elec) Rythymn' Blues Dixieland Memphis New Orleans Medley
Dance Electronica New York Style (60 Sec) Dance Electronica New York Style (30 Sec Edit)
Markawasi Solace 30 Sec Edit (New Age) One Of These Nights (Folk Pop)
Markawasi Solace (New Age Piano) Quiet New Year's For One (Production-Pop, Easy Listening)
After The Thrill (folk Pop) California Birthday Blues (60 sec)(Blues-Acoustic,Jazz)
Napa Valley Guitar (40 Sec) Golden Gate Acoustic Guitar
American Holiday Jazz (30 Sec Edit) Pacific Blue Guitar
American Holiday Jazz (Jazz-Jazz Pop/Light Jazz/Holiday) ORCHESTRALSCAPE 1 (30 Sec) (Cinematic Production)
Christmas Wishes (Production-Christmas/Holiday, Jazz) ORCHESTRALSCAPE 1 (60 Sec) (Cinematic Production)
Cinematic Scape 1 (60 Sec) Cinematic Piano Scape 1 (30 sEC)
Cinematic FOLK (30 Sec)(Production- Americana/Western) Cinematic FOLK (60 Sec) (Production- Americana/Western)
Cinematic FOLK 2 Pop Jazz Blues Production 1 (Jazz-Jazz Pop/Light Jazz)
Baritone Sax Jazz Piece 1 Pop Piano (60 Sec)
Blues Guitar Electric (30 sec edit) Pop Piano (30 Sec)
Mississippi Rolling Blues (30 Sec Edit) Mississippi Rolling Blues (60 Sec) (Blues-Electric, Prod-Pop)
Mississippi Rolling Blues (Blues-Electric, Production-Pop Blues) Haunted Cinematic Production(Production-Horror/Suspense)
Cinematic Dramatic March Piece (Production-Fanfares) Harmonica Chicago Piano Blues (30 Sec)
Suspense Dramatic Jazz Piece 1 Quick Fingers Chicago Piano Blues (60 Sec)
Dramatic Suspense Jazz Piece 1 (60 Sec) Jazz At Night (30) (Jazz-Jazz Pop/Light Jazz)
Falling For Love (Country - Contemporary/Pop, Folk) A Walk In Paris (Jazz Piano 30sec)
Elegant Piano (Classical Pop 30 sec) Elegant Piano (Classical Pop 60sec)
A Walk In Paris (Jazz Piano 60 sec) Elegant Piano (Classical Pop)
Cajun Zydeco Production 1 (Delta Blues Instrumental) My Cape Breton Home (Maritime Folk-Canadiana)
Cayman Island Shuffle (60 Sec Edit) (Reggae-Carribean) Cayman Island Shuffle (30 Sec Edit) (Reggae-Carribean)
Puma Punka Mystery (30 Sec Edit) Puma Punka Mystery (60) (Pop-Production Pop)
Time 4U (60 Sec Edit Electronica) Northern Nights (30 Second Edit Instrumental Bed)
Mt Shasta (60 Sec) (Rock-Alternative Pop, Alt. Pop) Mt Shasta (30 Sec) Rock-Alternative Pop, Pop-Alternative)
House Of Black (Chicago Blues Piano) Dualing Pianos 60 Sec Edit)
Union (30 Sec) (Production-New Age) Christmas Wishes (30 Sec edit) (Holiday, Jazz)
Markawasi Solace 60 Sec Edit (New Age) California Birthday Blues (30 sec Edit) (Blues Instrumental
American Holiday Jazz (60 Sec Edit) (Jazz) ORCHESTRALSCAPE 1 (Cinematic Production)
Ghosts Of Louisiana (Blues - Delta, Cajun) Cinematic Chicago Jazz Scape 1 (Jazz Pop/Light Jazz)
I'm Flying Home For Christmas (Production - Christmas/Holiday) Suspense Horror 2 (Cinematic)
Progression 1 (60 Sec Edit) (Electronic New Age Cinematic) Horror Suspense Prod 1 (Cinematic)
Suspense to Peaceful Production 1 (Cinematic) Electronic Alien 1 (Electronic Cinematic)
Jazz 7th Floor (Lite Jazz Cinematic) Waltz Jazz 1(Waltz to Trumpet)
Electronic Escape 1(Electronic Cinematic) Metallic Rain & Sax (Orchestral Jazz New Age)
Electronic Alien 1 (60 Sec) Electronic Alien 1 (30 Sec)
Bossa Nova Production 1(30 Sec) Bossa Nova Production 1 (60 Sec)
Alien Landscape 1 (30 Sec) Alien Landscape 1 (60 Sec)
Electronic Escape 1(Electronic Cinematic)60seconds Electronic Escape 1(Electronic Cinematic)30seconds
Progression 1 (30 Sec)(Electronic New Age Cinematic) Horror Suspense 1 (60 Sec)
Jazz 7th Floor (30 Sec) Horror Suspense 1 (30 Sec)
Metallic Rain & Sax (Orchestral Jazz New Age)30sec Progression 1 (60 Sec)
Metallic Rain & Sax (Orchestral Jazz New Age) 60 Sec Jazz 7th Floor (60 Sec)
Suspense Horror 2 (30 Sec) Waltz Jazz 1 (Waltz to Trumpet) 60 Sec
Suspense Horror 2 (60 Sec) Suspense to Peaceful Prod 1 (60 Sec)
Suspense to Peaceful Prod 1 (30 Sec) Waltz Jazz 1 (Waltz to Trumpet) 30 Sec
Alien Landscape (Sci Fi Cinematic) Bossa Nove Production 1 (Bossa Nova Jazz)
New Orleans Bourbon Street (New Orleans Jazz) New Orleans Bourbon Street (30 Sec) (New Orleans Jazz)
New Orleans Bourbon Street (60 Sec) (New Orleans Jazz) Summer's Evening Jazz (30 Sec)
Summer's Evening Jazz (Lounge) Summer's Evening Jazz (60 Sec) (Lounge)
Great Plains Guitar Xmas Guitar
Troubled Guitar Zurich To Athens Bound
Lovin' U Best (Guitar) Shelter By My Guitar (Acoustic Folk)
Country Is My Resume (Acoustic Guitar) Johnny (Folk)
Cajun Ghosts Song For Jocelyn Sampson
A Song For Melanie Sampson Patti Northen's Song (Fall In THe Margaree Valley)
Christmas In Cape Breton (Holiday) Shelly MacKinnon's Song
Song For Shaun Conway Song For Melody Conway
Crystal Conway's Path Conway's And The Kane's
The Jesus Song (Religious Pop) Lillian MacKinnon's Song
736 (Thunder Bay Communication Squadron, Val Kuczbel's Song) Song For Shantel, Jordan & Janelle Kenny
Song For Lena Conway Tune for Diane Dafoe
Song For Donna Stevens Song for Bhreagh MacKinnon & Connor Gouthro
Party Club EDM (Electronic) David Kane & Muriel Conway's Song
Party Club EDM 1 (60 Sec) Party Club EDM 1 (30 Sec)