Steve Dafoe - Songwriter
"The Big Wedding" license "Travelin' Jack" in this LIONSGATE Entertainment Movie! Stars Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Susan Saradon, Topher Grace

Use of 'Travelin Jack' licensed in this film starring Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Susan Saradon, Amanda Siegried, Katherine Heigl and Diane Keaton. Used a good 1:15 seconds and the Wedding Band was synched to the tune!
ABC & Disney Movie License "End Of The Road". Features Lynn Cohen from the "Hunger Games" and David Paymer, Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee!!

"The ABC TV & Disney Film features Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee , David Paymer and Lynn Cohen from the "Hunger Games". The film licensed "End Of The Road"
French Motion Film "Encore Heureux" (Still Happy) license "Sad Christmas" (Lost Boy Lost Girl At Christmas) 2016

"Sad Christmas" (Derivative of "Lost Boy Lost Girl At Christmas" licensed for this movie. French Motion Film.
The song "Brass" is licensed to "THE DEMENTED" (E-One Entertainment) The Producer is the same as "Nightmare On ELM STREET"

BRASS aka "Elevator Wait licensed for a full minute in an elevator scene.
Golden Globe winner (Best TV Drama 2015) called "The Affair Ep2" Oct 2014 license "Travelin' Jack'

The Affair On SHOWTIME (CBS). Episode 2 aired on Oct 19, 2014. Stars Dominic West , Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson (Golden Globe Winner)
"Travelin' Jack" licensed to "Witches Of East End" a Lifetime TV production starring Julia Ormond

Travelin' Jack licensed in this clip. Stars Jenna Tatum, Julia Ormond & Rachel Boston
An Israeli Short Film "Casus Belli" ( means a cause to a war in Hebrew) license 2 Songs!!!!!

It is a kind of a parody on the people who are collecting bottles for the money refund. The characters in this film are three in number: Effy - the crazy bottle collector.Morty- homeless and hungry and a girl in love with Brad.......Casus Belli (It means a cause to a war, in a free translation) Hebrew
Guitar Medley includes Tuscan Valley Vinyards

Shoes Of A Fisherman

For my Grandfather and Uncle Harry from Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.
Just Like Valentines Day

Dont want to give it away!
Ghost Whispers Over Ellis Island

Ellis Island and Annie Moore
Jesse James

Who else but the greatest Bank Robber in the mid 1800s?
All Alone

2 people in love continents apart fighting their wars.
Distant Thunder

Cowboy versus the Horse
Black Ghost

True story of train wreck in Gasconade, Missouri in 1855