The Accomplished Songwriter has scored multiple Major Motion Picture and Cable/Network TV placements, including "Golden Globe", "People's Choice" & "Emmy" award winning shows.  Recently, "The Walking Dead" TV Series license 2 pieces of music for the "Behind The Dead" episodes. Sony Pictures, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime, MTV, BBC, HBO & Netflix feature his music. Mirage Pictures released the movie "Sinatra in Palm Springs: "The Place He Called Home" with 2 pieces of music in 2020. 

   The Major Motion Film, "The Big Wedding" licensed "Travelin' Jack" and stars Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams.  E-One Entertainment's "The Demented" (Same Producer of "Nightmare On Elm Street") licensed  a Jazz tune called "Brass" for this Horror film. Other TV credits include "The Affair" on 'SHOWTIME', a "Golden Globe" winner for best TV Dramatic Show and the "Witches Of East End" (Lifetime Channel)

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Best Of Compilations are out!

Apr 27 2023

Music was licensed to the Movie "Sinatra in Palm Springs: "The Place He Called Home". Released by Mirage Films, it features 2 songs. The "People Choice" Award winner, "The Walking Dead" license 2 pieces for "Behind The Dead" 2018 season!
New Streaming CD "You're A Hurricane"  & `` Ìn My Eye`` &  ``Colours`` are out at I-Tunes, Spotify, YouTube, Napster, Apple Music, Deezer & Amazon as well as here! In Addition the ``Best Of``` in Rock, RnB, Folk, Country, New Age, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz, Adult Pop & Electronic is out at all major sites!

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