The Accomplished Songwriter has scored Film/Major Motion Picture and multiple TV placements including "Golden Globe, EMMY & Peoples Choice" award winning shows. "The Walking Dead" TV Series license music for "Behind The Dead" 2018-19 season! Sony Pictures, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime, MTV, BBC, Mirage Pictures and Netflix continue to license the music.

In 2019, Mirage Pictures licensed music for the movie "Sinatra in Palm Springs: "The Place He Called Home." In 2013, the 'E-One Entertainment' Motion Picture, "The Big Wedding" licensed "Travelin' Jack" and stars Robert De Niro , Diane Keaton, Susan Sarando, Amanda Seyfried & Robin Williams!

The Major Motion Film, "The Demented" (Producer of "Nightmare On Elm Street") license "Brass". Last Year, "The Pickle Recipe", a Major Film from ABC/DISNEY licenses "End Of The Road" and star Golden Globe Nominee, David Paymer of "City Slickers" fame & Lynn Cohen from "Sex And The City & Hunger Games".

A UK Major Film,"After The Harvest 2" license "Following Lincoln" and features Screen Guild Award winning actress Saffron Burrows (Boston Legal) and Kim Bodnia (Monte Carlo TV Festival for "The Bridge" a Swedish/Danish Production). The French Motion Picture, "Encore Heureux" licensed "Sad Christmas" and featured a French Oscar Nomination (Globes de Cristal Awards, France) for Sandrine Kiberlain.

TV credits include from CBS & SHOWTIME "The Affair", the 2015 "Golden Globe" winner for best TV Dramatic Show. The 'LIFETIME Channel' licensed music to the "Witches Of East End". Other placements were featured on "Secret Lives of Women" at ABC TV, the "Summer Of Music" promotion at MTV, "Pit Boss" at Discovery's Animal Planet TV, "The Millionaire Matchmaker" at NBC & BRAVO TV and CMT's "Next Superstar". The popular Russian TV Drama, "Doctor Zaitzeva Diary" license "Don't You Know" for STS Network TV.

Red Bull Media House (UK) license 4 tunes "Storm Of Days", "You Are The One", "Finally See The Light" and "Lovin' You Ain't Hard" for TV/Film use. Music has been Licensed to Marriot Hotel and Time Inc. to name a few!

"Just Like Valentine's Day" was licensed for Corporate Video/Web usage at "GUINESS ALE" in Europe and at "The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Ctr." for their corporate stakeholders.

AMC Cable Network license 34 songs by 2017 for TV/Film opportunities. AMC boasts classic shows like "The Walking Dead", "Breaking Bad" & "Mad Men".

A member of SOCAN, BMI and ASCAP, the music is at Spotify, TikTok, Apple, Napster, YouTube, Google, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora,
TIDAL, iHeartRadio & Shazam and Amazon and here as well!

-- "Sinatra in Palm Springs: "The Place He Called Home". Mirage Pictures licensed to the movie both "Tin Pan Alley" & "Gone Baby Gone". OPUS1 Music library. 2019

-- CBS (SHOWTIME) TV Network and its new TV show, "The Affair" license "Travelin' Jack". 2015 release. The show won a "Golden Globe" for best Dramatic TV show in 2015.

-- Emmy Award & People Choice Award winner "The Walking Dead" license Music for "Behind The Dead" Season 8. 2018

-- "Encore Heureux (Still Happy), a French Major Film features "Lost Boy Lost Girl AT Christmas". 2016. Sandrine Kiberlain nominated for French Equivalent to an 'Oscar'!

-- ABC NEWS TV license "Never Knew You At All" for "SECRET LIVES OF WOMEN". 2010

-- MTV CABLE TV license "Dancin' Shoes" for "SUMMER OF MUSIC" promotion. 2010

-- "Travelin' Jack" licenced in "The Big Wedding", by Lionsgate starring Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams and Diane Keaton. 2013

-- DISCOVERY TV & ANIMAL PLANET license "Casa Loma" & "Crusin' With Grusin" for "PIT BOSS" (4 Episodes) 2010-11.

-- Major Motion Picture, "The Pickle Recipe" license "End Of The Road" in 2016. Stars Lynn Cohen (Hunger Games & Sex In The City) & David Paymer, a Golden Globe nominee from "City Slickers'.

-- MTV England "Just Tattoo Us" TV Program license "Best Day" for TV. 2020


-- "E-One Entertainment" Major Film "The Demented" license "Brass". (Producer of "Nightmare On Elm Street") 2013.

-- NBC/UNIVERSAL TV and BRAVO license "Casa Loma","Endless Time Now" & "Crusin' With Grusin" for 5 episodes of "THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER". 2010-11

-- TIME INC. license "Wedding Morning" for partnership with GOOGLE. 2018

-- Licensed music at Sony Pictures, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime, CMT, Discovery TV, Direct TV, Travel Channel, LionsGate Films, Time Warner, MTV (USA & UK), BBC, Discovery, Netflix, Animal Planet, AMC, Seven Network (Aus) and Turner Cable.

-- CMT's "Next Superstar" licensed music for the "Meet And Greet" episodes 2011.

-- "Travelin' Jack" licensed to "Witches Of East End" Lifetime Network. (Ep 106) 2013-14

-- "Discovery Channel" and "Animal Planet" License "Never Knew You At All" for episode "UnderDog". 2012

-- "GUINESS ALE" (Ireland/Europe) license "Just Like Valentine's Day" for Corporate & Web Video for their World Distribution Partners 2012

-- SapientNitro license "Finally See The Lite" for Major TV Advertising. Clients include Coca-Cola & Target. 2013

-- Hey Advertising, Seattle , Washington license "Finally See The Light" for Audio Synch & Advertising opportunities. 2015-16

-- OFF BROADWAY THEATER New York City (Space 122) license "Every Street" & "Carter's Revenge" in "MONSTER". SOLONOVA Arts Festival 2010

-- UK (United Kingdom) Songwriting contest . "Won't Be Hurt Again", (Finalist in Acoustic) 2011.

-- TIME WARNER & TRU TV license "Casa Loma" & "Crusin With Grusin" for "IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I LAUGH" 2010-11

-- "Doctors Zaitzeva Diary" license "Don't You Know" for STS Russian Network TV. Made-For-TV Serial Production. 2012

-- "CIVIL WAR" DVD license "Racing Back Through Time" and "All Alone". Kestner Prod. North Carolina.USA

-- "Serpo" licensed by Optique Salon Mgt. Software.(Advertised in Canadian Salon Magazine) 2011 (

-- Music is licensed to SUBWAY RESTAURANTS - Subway is the world's largest restaurant chain. 2016

-- Music licensed to PLAYNETWORK, DMX, AQUASOFT, CLEAR CHANNEL and KIRUSA, all major CMS providers.

-- "If You Have The Time" licensed by Salsa Creative Inc (Ad Agency) in Dover, NH for TV Media.

-- "VIETNAM WAR" DVD license selected music.(US future release) Kestner Productions. North Carolina.USA

-- 2008 MTV-VH1 "SONG OF THE YEAR" (October) "You Are The One" placed #2 in "FOLK" Category. "ACOUSTIC SONG OF THE MONTH" for "BLACK GHOST" (Roots/Acoustic) at BROADJAM.COM 2008

-- Rosenklang/AudioSparx Music license 400 + Songs in Multi Genres for Digital & Streaming & CD release at I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon , Google, YouTube, etc..

-- WINNER Of PEER REVIEW (over 100,000 members)in the "LOVE JOY CONTEST" at BROADJAM.Com 2006

-- 2004 MTV-VH1 "SONG OF THE YEAR" Contest...#4 placement for "DESERT SUN" in "FOLK" Category.

-- 2010 -2015 EOS Music (a partner of SIRIUS Radio) pick up 60+ songs for Web Channel play to Corporate clients.

-- 2010-Current. Over 370 songs for Ringtones placed with Verizon, Sprint, Muzak, Canadian/US Telecos and Boost Mobile Wordwide.

-- Nominated for Cultural Heritage Award in TV and Media in Thunder Bay. 2010

-- TU BETA TS'ENA (Water Is Life) a Canadian Film license "Matthew's Song" 2009

-- UK (United Kingdom)Songwriting contest 2010. "Love And Leaving" a Semi-Finalist in Adult Contemporary Category. 2010

-- Walleye Magazine--Story Dec 2014, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

-- "CINCINNATI CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER" license "Just Like Valentine's Day" for Corporate and Web Video. 2012

-- GAME SHOW NETWORK TV and SONY Pictures license music (Casa Loma)for "HIDDEN AGENDA" (1 episode) 2010

-- "If I Asked" licensed the "CW TV" Network. (Pitched by Canvas Publishing) 2019

-- Bravo TV license "Birthday Rock in NY' for "Ink Masters TV". 2020

-- GIANTS TV/Slideshow uses "Shaun Conway's Song" for background. Shown on SHAW Cable TV. 2020


-- USA Property & Car Casualty Insurer, Sentry Insurance License "Travelin' Jack" for National TV Ad. 2013

-- Travel Channel "Bizzare Foods America" license "Truck Driver Joe". 2015

-- Wenner Media, New York license "Tin Pan Alley" & "Travelin' Jack" for Audio Sync work. They own "Rolling Stone Magazine"& "US Weekly". 2016

-- MAX.Films (Germany) License "Jack Travels' for Advertising in Germany. (2014)

-- Mobile game Vulkan Club in Russia license "American Holiday Jazz" for Mobile & Internet Applications. 2015

-- Crucial Music. Fall 2019. Crucial has 5 pieces that have been placed in 3 TV shows and 2 Major Motion Pictures.

-- AMC Network and Sister networks IFC and the Sundance Channel License 34 songs. Produce TV programs such as "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad" & "Walking Dead".

-- Animal Planet TV Network license music in "Pitbulls And Parolees" since 2009-13 seasons.

-- Red Bull Media House in Great Britain Sync license 4 Folk/Alt. Country tunes "Storm Of Days", "You Are The One", "Finally See The Light" and "Lovin' You Ain't Hard" 2012 (Getty/Pump Audio)

-- #1 Song Of The Month (Alt Country) "If I Asked" Jan 2013.
OUR STAGE (MTV Affiliated).

-- "A COLLECTION OF SONG POEMS" (PoeLyrics)(100+ Titles). Published by LULU BOOK Publishing. 2011

-- 2009 "Holiday Wish" compiled onto "HOLIDAY ALBUM 2009" for limited Release in the United States.

-- MUSIC PUBLISHING--(current or past) SMASHTRAX Publshing,(BMI), (Los Angeles), NBT Records (West Virginia), AUDIOSPARX (Florida), MERNEE Records (Alabama) and MUSIC ET ALL Publishing,(BMI),(Los Angeles).

---- #1 Song Of The Month (POP)"Question Of Love" May 2017 @ OUR STAGE (MTV Affiliated)

-- Map Communications Ltd.(400 employees), a Industry leading Specialized Call Ctr. in Chesapeake Virginia license 30 Songs for their business 'Phone On-Hold' needs. 2011

-- "ANTHOLOGY OF MUSIC LEAD SHEETS" (2003-2006.) Published by LULU Book Publishing. 2011

-- "Kitchen Pie" licensed to "Food Paradise" on the TRAVEL CHANNEL. 2014

-- 2006 "Black Ghost" pressed on "RIDE THE TRAIN" Vol # 32. Distributed Worldwide by NBT Records. West Virginia. USA

-- Independent Living Partnership Company License "Nonie's Song" for the Short Film "First 20 Years" for Corporate use. 2012

-- SOUNDEXCHANGE reports Radio Airplay of many songs. Latest Radio station is KJAZZ (United Kingdom). Live365, JANGO Air, KNFA Radio, Canada Air FM, RUFUS Radio, Muzak Radio and PlayNetwork Radiol. 2011

-- #1 Song Of The Month (ACOUSTIC) "Love And The Leaving" Feb 2012. OUR STAGE (MTV Affiliated)

-- Bayview Magazine--Premier Publication in North West Ontario does a feature story. Spring 2013.

-- Animal Planet TV network and "Underdog to Wonderdog" licence music in 2010 for Episode use.

-- NEW YORK UNIVERSITY license "Travellin' Jack" & "And Can You" in "THE JOURNAL" (Trailor) 2012.

-- MARRIOT INT'L HOTEL in Chicago, USA License "LaSalle Street" for Corporate Website usage.

-- "HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS" licensed by Ny Greetings Communication, Slovenia. Usage is for TV Commercial 2016

-- CW TV Network & HN Media License "If I Asked" For nwired & MeTV. 2019

-- MTV, OXYGEN TV Networks license "LASALLE ST." & "TRAIN TRACK GUITAR" for TV/Film.

-- TINDERBOX Music Library cleared and Licensed "Dance Pop One" to Shows:
"Take"- E!TV Network/Comcast
"Bad Girls Club" - OXYGEN Network
"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" - E!TV Network/Comcast
"Road Rules - The Real World" - MTV Network (All Shows)
"Total Divas" - E!TV Network
"The Real World" - MTV
"Best Ink" - OXYGEN Network
"The Ruckers" - WE Television--

-- "Dusty Roads" is in Australian Media released for Radio Airplay 2018

-- Israeli Short Film (Eti Tritto) ..."Casus Belli" license "Lasalle St" and "Bright Lites City Nights". 2008

-- "Best Of Top Gear" TV (BBC) license Music current season. 2.54 million viewers make it BBC Two's most watched program of the day. 2020

More Licensing & Indie Charting

-- Motion Picture (UK) "After The Harvest 2" license "FOLLOWING LINCOLN". Stars Kim Bodina an Award Winning actor (Monte Carlo Film/TV) in "The Bridge", a Swedish/Danish Int'l TV series. Also Saffron Burrows winner of a "Screen Actors Guild Award" in 2004 on "Boston Legal".

-- DISCOVERY HEALTH TV license "Appalachian", "Casa Loma" & "Crusin' With Grusin" for "BABY MADNESS AND CANDID KIDS" 2009.

-- Australian competitive cooking game show "My Kitchen Rules" license "Gone Baby Gone". 2017

-- Travel Channel and "Food Paradise' license "Kitchen Pie". 2014.

-- 'Travelin' Jack' licensed (Via Getty Images) to Hanson Media house (Washington, USA) for The Spectator Hotel.Has been named #1 City Hotel in the Continental U.S. 2016

-- Perpetual Music Group License "Travelin' Jack" & "Orchestral Scape 1" for a Long Standing TV Crime TV series! 2017-18

-- MTV Cable TV Networks license "Travellin' Jack" and "Love And The Leaving" for TV/Film. 2011

-- "Question Of Love" licensed to Major Airline (Delta) for In Flight Entertainment. 2017

-- Pump Audio License 'Tin Pan Alley' to "Studio Tuumant Ol" for Web Advertising in FRANCE. 2017

-- External Distributors of music are: Amazon MP3, Google Music Store, Nilsson Online Distribution, Spotify, MySpace Music, YouTube Music, Rumblefish, Verizon, Apple I-Tunes, I-Tunes (Worldwide), Ruckus, Beats Music, Simfy, Groove, LAst.FM, USA Digital Distributor #1 (US, Canada telcos), International Distributor (EMEA, LATAM).

-- "Dance Pop One" licensed for NASCAR and Sports Promos by Major Cable TV network. 2017

-- WEDDING MORNING (JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL) licensed for Conference Promo Video by TEXAS 4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT. 2016

--Scientia Software License "RailRoad Steel Guitar" & "Guitar Americana 13" for Mobile Applications. 2015

-- Wenner Media Online license 'Tin Pan Alley' & "Travelin' Jack' for New York Advertising House Multi-Media Needs. 2016

-- AlmoTech Digital Music license "Just Like Valentine's Day" background for Web Marketing, Retail, Hotels Usage. The UK & France. 2016

-- The FARM Channel license "Tuscan Vinyard Walk" for DVD/Video promo. 2016

-- S&P TOP 100 CORPORATION license "LASALLE ST." for Convention/Video/Web usage. 2009

-- Internet Documentary Arizona Storm license "Stormy Swamp Guitar" (includes web-only videos, webcasts, podcasts, web site audio) Larry Coleman Photography. 2017

-- "Music for the Suicide.TV suicide prevention project" 'You Are The One' licensed here. 2010. Video at

-- "Just Like Valentine's Day" licensed for DVD , Web Podcast and Internet Broadcast for Malibu Media. 2017

-- Performing Rights Organizations(PRO) such as ASCAP has 482 registered songs, BMI has 117 and SOCAN has 924 songs & 88 TV/Movie titles registered.

-- Blue TV (Netherlands) license "End Of The Road" for TV show "Bonnie & Clide". 2009

-- Tinderbox Music license 'Travelin' Jack' for use at MTV productions, VH1, , The Discovery Channel and National Geographic. 2017

-- Int'l Radio Licensing of 50 + songs for Romania Audio & Radio 2017. (1 million plays+)

-- OPUS 1 PROD.MUSIC LIBRARY license 3 pieces for BBC TV/Film. 2018.

-- Network TV (Norway) license 3 songs. 2020

-- Fiji & New Zealand TV license Music. 2019

-- "China T151" Train Network & Transportation System license music. 2019

-- MTV CABLE TV Networks license "Carter's Revenge" & "Love And The Leaving" for TV usage. 2017

-- Hearst Esp aa S.L License 'Jazz At Night'. Spains Biggest publisher. 2020

-- 250 songs have been #1 at MP3.COM, Radio Indy, Indie Music, Number 1 Music/My Space & MyRecordLabel, Audiostreet, Our Stage, Reverb Nation, A&R Select & I-Like!

-- Animal Planet Network License "Guitar Pick" for Various TV shows. 2021