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Music For The Small Screen - TV Licensing Success Vol 3

TV/Film/Advertising Licensing:

1) "End Of The Road" ABC/Disney Film "The Pickle Recipe".
2) "Travel Channel" and "Food Paradise' license "Dusty Roads".
3) "CIVIL WAR" DVD Production license "All Alone". Kestner Prod. North Carolina. USA
4) TIME WARNER/TRU TV license "Casa Loma" & "Crusin With Grusin" for "IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I LAUGH".
5) MTV TV license "Dancin' Shoes" for "Summer Of Music".
6) "Doctors Zaitzeva Diary" license "Why Don't You" for STS Russian Network TV.
7) "Wolf's River" licensed for Bravo TV (Millionaire Matchmaker).
8) "Appalachian" licensed by DISCOVERY for "Baby Madness & Candid Kids".
9) "Warm Rain" - Bravo TV & Australian 10 TV.
10) "Blue Mountain" - AMC TV Networks